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Newsletter April 2018

April 2018

Shalom Dear Ones and Happy BIRTHDAY,

As you read this, you are thinking, "It's not my birthday?" Well, you're probably correct; however, this birthday is SO prophectically significant, that if it did not happen, then I would not be writing this letter and most likely Abundant Bread of Salvation would not have ever come into existence!

My friends this month we have celebrated Israel's 70th year of existence since her re-birth as a Jewish State for the people in their own homeland. How awesome is this!! All this happened after praying and remembering all of Israel's fallen soldiers and any of those injured in terror attacks against the Jewish people.
Happy Birthday blessings to Israel!
Isaiah 66:8 says, " Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment?" Seventy years later, may I proclaim a resounding, "YES!!"

This month we have had non-stop activity, breathing new life into "these dry bones" in the most practical ways for our poor and needy Jewish People. Besides our weekly food bag distribution to at least 400 people each month and soup kitchens, we were able to do two different Biblical excursions for our Holocaust survivors. One busload of Holocaust survivors went to Tiberias to experience the Biblical historical sites, while another busload, with the help of, (Messianic Dance Camps International), was taken to Tel-Aviv to visit the Historical Independence Hall Museum, where David Ben-Gurion declared Israel as the state of the Jewish people. Each of these trips also included a delightful full meal leaving them physically and spiritually full for eternity!

H  a  l  l  e  l  u  y  a  h  !

Magdala Biblical Site-Oldest Synagogue of Yeshua Discovered

Boat Trip on the Sea of Galilee-Dancing and Worship with Survivors

Independence Hall-Were Ben Gurion Declared Israel's Independence-70+ years ago!

We are happy to say that the ears and souls of 100 Holocaust survivors were also filled with the largest concert to date, with a group of believers from America, roughly 130 professional choir singers, at an outstanding live performance. This event sent chills up your spiritual spine! These survivors' lives were hugely impacted, as "living waters" were poured out upon them. We also were able to provide them with a delightful meal before the concert, as well as great interaction with the choir as they helped serve them the meal in the most royal and honoring way.

Abundant Bread of Salvation connects, 
Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit!
Recently we were also able to have a free hair cut clinic as well as a couple of weeks of providing pedicure and manicure clinics for the poor and needy we serve. Not only did they receive individual love and care, they were also soothed with essential oils as well as each person prayed for and blessed with anointing oil directly applied to the souls of their weary feet! Could they ask for more? Special thanks to our friend and volunteer Olivia, for being obedient to the call!

Holocaust Memorial Day!
I was able to personally attend two Holocaust memorial ceremonies, one that was sponsored by the City of Netanya, and another one sadly that was a private gathering of family members of a dear Holocaust survivor that I have weekly visited in their home for over 6 months. He passed away during this very significant and painful time in Israel's history. We will remember him forever and continue to visit his widowed wife. My friends, many seeds were planted here and without your support financially, in prayer as well as the many volunteers, we could not do this precious life changing work. Thank you so much for standing with us in giving your largest donation today, while these precious ones are still living and breathing.

Why Poland?
By faith, I am stepping forward into one of the most painful aspects of the ministry that I do. As you receive and read this letter, I will most likely be walking through the remains of Adolf Hitler's planned and implemented concentration death camps. Being that I am the grandson of Polish decent, this makes the trip incredibly significant, because my grandfather escaped the holocaust before it happened and came to Israel in the early 1930's as a pioneer Zionist and helped to establish a kibbutz near Jerusalem's capital for several years before joining his brother in New York, America.

Please pray that I be a light in the dark during this challenging ministry trip. Talk about desiring to see the "dry bones" come back to life; this is the place! Thank you again for your sacrificial prayers and giving. May we ALWAYS celebrate Israel's birthday and all of her accomplishments! Am Israel Chai!

Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team 
Brian Slater-CEO / Founder
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