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Newsletter December 2016

See and hear from the people that YOU, blessed in 2016.

December, 2016

Precious Friends of Abundant Bread of Salvation,

This year has soared by, right before our eyes with many trials and challenges, however with many Victories of blessing our Jewish people practically and spiritually. Halleluyah!
At the end of the day and now more so at the end of the year, it makes it ALL, worthwhile! For this we praise Adonai and we thank YOU, for all your prayers and support!
Rejoice with our team, by reading the below few examples that explain just the tip of the iceberg of what was physically done this past year through your generous support, prayers and the love of God. Halleluyah - Glory to God!

Highlights 2016:
Y Hundreds of our Jewish people were tangibly blessed, prayed for at their own request and many giving their hearts and lives to their Lord, King and Messiah for eternity.  Halleluyah!
Y By His grace, we gave away over 6000 packed bags of food, (roughly 70 tons), at our headquarters distribution center in Netanya. Each bag filled with over 21 products. Serving at over 400 families monthly.  Click here now to give your one time - End of The Year Tax deduction.
Y By His grace, we hired a professional cook for our weekly soup kitchen and had hundreds of volunteers serve alongside us, where each needy person received a home cooked sit down five course meal. At least 3800 hot meals served, as well as take home fresh bread, vegetables, fruits and many times take home meals to help them through the week. We also gave away over 30 tons of new and used clothes as well as much needed furniture. Click here now to give towards these HOT Meals.
Y By His grace, on roughly a dozen occasions, we visited two local orphanages doing prayer walks as well as providing sets of new blankets, shoes, school supplies, toys as well as clothes on many occasions to over 100 very needy orphans. We also started a new pioneering effort of taking the orphans on special organized trips on rented buses to Biblical sights for a time of refreshment and fun, as well interacting with Believers. On several occasions, the leaders of this Orthodox facility came to our headquarters to give us special cards and pictures made by the kids thanking us for our love, care and generosity. Click here NOW, to give to the orphans.
Y By His grace, we again had over half a dozen gatherings of Believers to do Royalty Meals with Holocaust Survivors, giving them an elegant meal in a Restaurant or banquet hall, along with concerts, dancing as well as sharing the life changing message of hope. Lives are changed forever.  
Y By His grace, we took a half a dozen organized bus trips to the Biblical sights on the shores of the Galilee, with poor and needy Immigrants, War Veterans, Holocaust survivors and refugees. A majority of these people had never seen the Sea of Galilee. 
Y Abundant Bread of Salvation, is on the rise as we increase our efforts and continue to find favor and work with our local city officials, social workers, and many organizations to bring practical and spiritual restoration to these Dry Bones and the Nation of Israel!
Zechariah 4:6 - "Not by might, nor by power, but by your spirit says the Lord!"
Thank you again for your sacrificial giving and prayers as we soar like eagles into 2017.

Happy New Year, in His eternal hope.
Brian Slater and our Abundant Power Team
Brian Slater-CEO / Founder
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