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Newsletter February 2017

February 2017

Shalom, dear partner, from the beautiful winter wonder land of Israel,

This last month has been a great month of God pouring out physical rain upon the physical land of Israel.  It is refreshing and a reminder of God's true blessing upon us, even when we do not deserve it.  It is amazing to see that during our weekly dry food bag distribution, it is pouring rain, and yet this doesn't keep the over 350 poor and needy people from coming to receive their free food parcels, clothes, and the warm love of God that breathes new life into their dry bones.
The Holocaust survivors, war veterans, widows and single mothers that have come to the soup kitchen before they are half-way through their meal are already asking, "When will be the next date we will have this divine meal again?"  We ask them for their patience as there are other groups we invite that are also asking the same question, "When will it be our turn?"  Please pray that God continue to work through us as we serve up these delicious, five-star meals as well as His "eternal" food that is felt by all present.
Special Order Eye Glasses: Matthew 13:16 "Blessed are your eyes because they see."
This last month we were able to distribute more eyeglasses to the poor and needy as well as to the survivors.  They were a special order from America.  Our recipients were so surprised, happy and blessed as they could see properly again! We even checked their vision with a special eye chart with John 3:16 written in Russian in big letters as well as other scriptures, that shared the Good News, that were written in small and smaller words line-by-line just like a regular eye chart.  As they would read, we could see even their eyes would light up as they read these words of life and salvation.  Amen!  Please pray that their blinders would truly be removed by the power of His Ruach Ha Kodesh, (the Holy Spirit).

The below pictures are just a few of the recipients that left our distribution center with a more CLEAR VISION of God's love for them.  Halleluyah!
A Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy:
One of the special groups that we serve in our Dry Food Bag Distribution Center is new immigrants in Israel, up to 18 months.  Every month, we are receiving more and more.  Recently, one of our new recipients named Sara, a young woman, only in Israel 3 weeks, asked us to pray for her as she is all alone in Israel.  Another recipient was a widow that recently lost her mother.  Our team was able to embrace her and pray for her grieving process that she shared with us.  I, myself, cried with her as I felt her pain.  This is what we call healing Biblical prophecy in action.  Amen!

Romans 8:37, says, "No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us".  This scripture is a constant reminder to our team at Abundant Bread of Salvation of how important the pure and true love of God can cover a multitude of sins and change the lives of these people for eternity.
Lastly, on my birthday this month I was able have a special celebration meal on the Mediterranean Sea beach of Netanya with the leaders of the Ghetto Holocaust Survivors Association.  What an honor to share my special day with these precious souls.
As our team is poured out for Him to our Jewish People, please continue to pour out your prayers and financial blessings to continue this precious work of God.
Brian Slater and our Abundant Bread of Salvation Team

Brian Slater-CEO / Founder
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