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Newsletter March 2020

We Must Act Now: Our Response to COVID-19
This video was created in Israel during the most terrible epidemic in world History.
Pay It Forward-Abundant Bread of Salvation kicks off to support Survivors and our Elderly affected by the Carona Virus.
Click the link below to see, hear, pray and act appropriately

March 2020


Shalom Dear Friends and Supporters,

Israel recently announced emergency regulations and lock down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our elderly Holocaust survivors, War Veterans, Handicapped War Veterans, widows and actually most Israeli citizens have been told to stay at home as a matter of life and death.

Abundant Bread of Salvation is now the ONLY way for the over 400 poor and needy home-bound to receive a home cooked meal and food bag parcel. A huge sector of Israeli society cannot go to work or were laid off, which makes their financial challenges even more urgent.

The times we are living in are unstable, uncertain and many people are left with no hope in sight. We want to be that living hope and practical support in their time of need.

We realize that our work is more critical now than we could have ever imagined.

This week, because of the Coronavirus, we were able to do an Emergency Food Bag Distribution and give extra toilet paper to over 70 people. Our team worked in unity, wore gloves and face masks. The way in which we handed out the food packages was different; however, we were still able to help them keep their distances between each other, give blessings, prayers and personal support to each one at the door as well as hygienic hand cleansing to all who desired.

We are pleading with you to help as you are able with this national emergency in Israel. We will need to make our next food order soon to restock the shelves, and this time we will use the floor space as well. The need is for $20,000 dollars to fulfill this dire need to continue blessing our people abundantly in Yeshua's name. Please, we implore you to give above and beyond your normal giving. Write a note stating, "Emergency Food Fund."

The work we do is both practically important as well as eternal. We are extremely excited to report that recently, another elderly woman has come to faith in the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). Her whole countenance changed right before our eyes. How awesome is this, to see the hand of God at work in our little efforts to see the lives of our Jewish People changed forever.

I Was Sacrificed on Purim
Recently our soup kitchen has been filled with extra life-changing messages! Besides the amazing five course meals, we have had a wonderful volunteer from the nations doing live Bible storytelling, that fully involves and engages our people in their ancient Hebraic stories. I, myself was one of the main Biblical actors on two different occasions playing Isaac, the son of Abraham. I literally acted out the sacrifice on the altar, as our volunteer explained with translation into Russian, how our Messiah Yeshua was also sacrificed.
I also played the part of Joseph and how he was rejected by his family and how Yeshua was also rejected by his own Jewish people. Simply life changing, engaging and everyone was filled with joy as they were also asked follow-up questions about the stories. Our volunteer also had many open doors to take these same stories to several local elderly clubs.

Holocaust Survivor Adoption Program Update March April 2020
Holocaust Survivor Adoption Program Update March-April 2020
CLICK HERE, to read all about it and request your adoption application.

This cold and rainy winter has brought us into an amazing Spring season with an overflowing Sea of Galilee as well as seeing the desert bloom with flowers as never before, as prophesied in Isaiah 35. We were amazed to see all this with our own eyes!

The set time is now to comfort, comfort my people, saith the Lord! Isaiah 40:1

Our team wishes you ALL of His protection, health and abundance.

Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team
Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager
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