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Newsletter March 2017

March 2017
Shalom from The Land (Eretz Israel) of Miracles,

This month, Israel celebrated one of its many biblical miracles, however this historical miracle continues till today. This is the holiday of Purim, mentioned in the book of Esther. The miracle is Israel's very existence, of which our enemies worldwide would love to see us simply disappear off the map of the world.  Actually, as I write this report, just a few hours ago there was another terror attack in our capital city of Jerusalem.
Children in Israel dress up in their favorite costume to celebrate The Victory Story of Purim.
Most of you know the popular scripture verse mentioned in this great story in Esther 4:14 which states, "And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?"

Speaking of royalty and children, this month with one of our beloved sponsors, Israel Benevolence Fund, we visited two local orphanages to discuss and get insight on how to better bless and practically help the hundreds of children that are housed in these institutions. Abundant Bread of Salvation, received a special gift that enabled us to purchase 75 brand new 3D bed sets for these precious ones to show them that they are cared for and NOT forgotten. Halleluyah! Before this, I never knew there was such a thing as 3D bed sets. Who would have ever thought of such things when Israel became a nation 68 years ago?
This month we also received our new shipment of over 4 tons of food items. On top of all of our regular weekly activities of food packet distribution to over 400 poor and needy families as well as the soup kitchenwe are happy to share the short version of the humanitarian Biblical excursion that we did with 50 Holocaust Survivors from Netanya. By bus, we took them to Tiberias and one by one our volunteers helped them to enter the boat where we set sail on the Sea of Galilee for an hour explanation of their Biblical surroundings including the history of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua-Jesus. 

We also had a time of music, dancing with the Survivors on the boat and giving them special hand knitted quilts that were brought by special friends from America. For most of these Holocaust survivors, it was their first time ever seeing the Sea of Galilee with their own eyes. How awesome is that! 
We then got all 50 of them back on the bus and traveled to the top of Tiberias, where my soup kitchen cook had prepared all day making them a royal five course sit down meal at a private home with a million dollar view of the whole Sea of Galilee. We invited a special musician from Jerusalem who played joyous songs that brought forth more dancing and eternal joy. Special speeches, prayers and blessings were shared that moved these souls to tears. I could go on forever about the blessings from this awesome day.

You, YES, you!  We could not do all the above mentioned, without YOUR prayers and financial support and of course every single volunteer matters. Please come and volunteer and if you can't, please continue to pray and give like you've never given before, for "Such a time as this!" Israel's physical and spiritual salvation is at hand.

Brian Slater
and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team

Brian Slater-CEO / Founder
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