Sunday, April 24, 2022

Newsletter April 2022


April 2022


To Our Beloved and Valued Intercessors and Supporters,

What a Mighty God we serve!

Halleluyah to The Lamb! He has risen indeed! This month, the world celebrates the resurrection of the Greatest Rabbi and Messiah who ever lived, that is Yeshua (Jesus).

Just as moving are the millions of Jews world-wide who are celebrating the Passover also known as the Feast of Unleavened BreadWe, as Jews and Messianic Jews (Believers in Yeshua), are literally celebrating the deliverance of our lives from Egypt to Israel, and our deliverance from the angel of death by applying the blood of the Lamb on our door frames as mentioned in the biblical account in Exodus 12:25-27 and in the New Covenant mentioned in John 11:55. We at Abundant Bread of Salvation know that it is because of the sacrificial blood of The Lamb of God, Yeshua, that we are saved from the curse of sin and death. Can I get a loud Amen to that!!

Please pray that with the practical work of our hands on the front lines as well as your prayers and financial support, our Jewish people will also recognize their personal Savior that was pierced for their transgressions. Pray that our people will cry out and say, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,” and that all Israel will be saved as it is promised in Romans 11:26.


Please click HERE, to give your greatest resurrection passover gift.

Rejoice, your prayers of provision are being answered!

We made another major delivery of requested practical blessings to one of the local orphanages filled with over a couple hundred boys and girls, giving them an abundant amount of new clothes, shoes, and blankets as well. I was able to physically give some of these children the blankets and their faces were smiling from ear to ear!  Praise Adonai!

And now, even more to share because of your prayers! See what else the Lord is doing...

Below four pictures are from the orphanage outreach. Halleluyah!



IF, you'd like to invest in the kingdom towards our orphan projects, CLICK HERE

The Hand of the Lord is on Abundant Bread of Salvation through provision given to us by a local hydroponic grower. We received vegetables to give away like spinach, green onions, celery, parsley, and the highest quality lettuce. Another local bread company asked us to come and take almost one hundred full loaves of quality, expensive bread for a few weeks! We also received a phone call from a local Israeli company in Judea and Samaria wanting to donate to us over 5000 natural food products that were delivered directly into our doors on five pallets, two meters high. This is the Lord’s mighty provision from our own Israeli, biblical heartland, and we are trusting Him to do more! I can’t tell you any more clearly that, YOUR PRAYERS TRULY MATTER!

The below pictures are many blessings received from the hydroponic grower field being collected and given away to the poor and needy AND the over 5000 natural food products, from Judea and Samaria, delivered to us to give away to the poor and needy. SO NICE, to go green every now and then!




It says in Psalm 65:1, “Praise awaits You, our God in Zion, to You our vows will be fulfilled.”

I want to tell you more about bringing a bus load of 50 Holocaust survivors and Ukrainians to the recent Messianic musician, Joshua Aaron's, concert filmed and recorded live at The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. I had the eternal opportunity to share with them on the bus about visiting this most famous grave in the world where the greatest Rabbi that ever lived rose from the dead, conquering sin and death.  Their eyes and ears were wide open as they listened. During the concert, many of them were moved to dance and sing along with me and our volunteers in a circle of light, waving Israeli flags. As I gave them dinner and drinks on the way home, I asked each one what they received in their hearts from the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) at the concert. I was amazed to hear most of them say, that “they looked up to heaven and were in awe of how strongly they felt the love and Spirit of God fall upon them.” Glory to God in the highest!

Thank all of you who prayed and gave towards this eternal event.

Below pictures are from the once in a life time event, Live at The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem concert with Joshua Aaron, together with

Holocaust Survivors and Ukrainian Refugees




Dear ones, many of these precious survivors must choose between purchasing food or medications because they are so poor. We have at least twenty more survivors just waiting for a Believer in Yeshua to adopt them through our Adopt-A-Survivor program. Please prayerfully consider $25, $75, $100, or even $200 on a monthly basis so they do not have to make these hard decisions. Thank you again for your mighty prayers!

 Please CLICK HERE, to give towards your adopted Holocaust survivor.

You may adopt as many as you'd like.



Click on PLAY button below to view our Precious Holocaust survivors receiving their blessings from Precious Believers

like yourself who have donated.


Holocaust Survivor Adoption Program Update March April 2020


ABOVE video link is for you to get a glimpse of how the Adopt-A-Survivor Program works. Click play button above and pray about what you can do to help them through us.


Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team


Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager

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Friday, March 25, 2022

Newsletter March 2022

March 2022

Shalom Precious Child of the King,

This month, Jewish People worldwide celebrate the holiday of Purim, known as the Festival of Lots. This is a very significant time for this holiday with everything happening in Israel and the world.

Ukrainian War Report: As I write this, there is over three million Ukrainians that have fled their country and 1.4 million of those are children. This is considered the fastest exodus Europe has seen since World War II. With this, there is a massive physical outpouring of Ukrainian Jews coming home to Israel, well maybe we should say almost forced, because of the war situation in Ukraine by Russia.


I have official information from the City of Netanya that, as of this week, the city where our headquarters exists, has absorbed over 200 brand new Ukrainian Jewish Refugees that are waiting to become permanent citizens of the State of Israel. There are already thousands that are in the process of being absorbed in cities all over Israel.

We have already helped with a full and packed carload of all kinds of humanitarian-aid that we brought them last week to an absorption center specifically for the Jewish Refugees of Ukraine.  They were so grateful, that they didn’t want to let us go and they still are in contact with us until today by phone as we exchanged phone numbers. What a pleasure to meet many of them personally as we have the deep feeling that we are part of Biblical prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes and seeing the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel. Wow, Halleluyah!

Click HERE, to give and help us with bringing and purchasing more emergency aid as the needs are great and they need our help now.

BELOW PICTURES: These are pictures I was able to take while bringing the emergency aid to our new Ukranian Jewish Refugees

BELOW, is an actual video that Nick let me share. Click and listen to what he has to say. He is fresh boots on the ground Ukrainian Jewish Refugee with his wife and three kids

CLICK on PLAY button below

Refugees from Ukraine help

We as a ministry are positioned very strategically now more than ever. Most of those of both the Holocaust Survivors and the poor and needy that we are serving for over fifteen years are either Ukrainian or Russian. So, we have very deep friendships and trust of those whom we have poured into.

Many have come to faith in Yeshua over all these years and their lives have been changed forever. You have played a huge role in this with your prayers and faithful financial giving and we and those we serve are eternally grateful for you. This forces me to meditate on the scripture in the book of Esther 4:14, which states “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this.”

Joshua Aaron Live at the Garden Tomb: Abundant Bread of Salvation is invited to bring a bus load of both Holocaust survivors as well as fresh off the boat Ukrainian Jewish Refugees from the on-going war conflict to his new live CD recording in Jerusalem. It will be called, “Live at the Garden Tomb,” because it will be recorded at Golgotha, otherwise known as the Empty Garden Tomb, where Yeshua victoriously was resurrected from the dead and went up to heaven defeating death.

(Bus will cost over $400 U.S. dollars) Click HERE to cover this cost

Since a few years ago, life has changed as we know it, so this will indeed be a supernatural time and testimony to our people coming up from the grave and standing on the promises of our Savior. Will you kindly pray about supporting this life changing Biblical event that by God’s grace will make an impact for eternity?

Click You Tube link below to see the previous concert from 2019 that we brought Holocaust Survivors to The Tower of David in Jerusalem. BRING US BACK!

Click these words-Bring Us Back to watch video clip

Imagine these Survivors and Ukrainian Jewish Refugees hearing and responding to the message of salvation through this Messianic Jewish music event, “for such a time as this”. We need your prayers and support like never before. Please do not hesitate to do something now before it is too late. CLICK HERE to give now.

Thank you for your prayers, support and for sharing this letter with all your friends, family and faith communities. Praise Adonai!




Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team


Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager

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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Newsletter February 2022

February 2022


Beloved of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus),

Wow, we are living in the most exciting times in history! Let me take a moment to encourage you why this is true. In 2 Corinthians 2:14 it says, “But thanks be to God who always leads us as captives in Messiah Yeshua’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of Him everywhere. The word “always” in this verse means ALWAYS. So just remember that whatever is happening around us and, in this world, know that we are in HimThere is no better place to be!

Speaking of being, I had quite a processional with twenty other friends to celebrate a miracle that happened 53 years ago. That occasion was a celebration of my birthday in a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful port of Haifa. No masks, no restrictions - just a celebration of life with friends. We celebrated, declaring the victorious work of Messiah in me for His glory and for our precious Jewish people in Israel. Next best thing to celebrating the wedding supper of the Lamb in the heavenlies. Amen!

A few of my 53rd Birthday celebration pictures. Wish you were with us



Another supernatural action Abundant Bread of Salvation has taken recently is, freely giving out a book (to anyone that desires), to each person who comes to receive their food parcel. This book is called, Supernatural or Just Remarkable? and explains the prophetical significance of the Jewish people’s return to the homeland of Israel and the revival of their ancient language of Hebrew. It also explains how the Jewish people have been, and still are being, used by God to change the world, considering the tiny size of the nation of Israel. Through all this, it points to the prophetical significance from the scriptures and how God will give you a new heart, and new spirit, and cleanse you. It leads its readers to a site that shares the Good News of our Jewish Messiah Yeshua. Please pray this book and the seeds planted will bring everlasting life. So many were happy and hungry to receive it!

Below: one of the pages in this book of clear evidence of the prophetical fulfilment of the Jewish People to their homeland



Another very valuable and precious book that came into my hands in the last few days was sent all the way from the U.S.A. and is called Grace Across the River, by Hannah May. The theme of this book is God’s grace and how He uses people to reach out and draw us to Him. Hannah is also an amazing teacher and violin player. She is a longtime friend and supporter, as she also helps us already, for many years every month with administrative support. You will be blessed to read and support this book as one of the chapters speaks about our soup kitchen and Holocaust survivors in Netanya. As a matter of fact, Hannah has agreed to send you this book for any donation of $40 dollars or more, for the purpose of supporting the work of Abundant Bread of Salvation. All you need to do is make a clear note with your donation with the word “GRACE BOOK”, in capital letters!

CLICK HERE- to donate and receive this amazing book and remember to

mark special designation-GRACE BOOK.



Above: is a wonderful description of this God ordained and inspired book and it's Author Hannah May, who has an incredible love for Israel and our Jewish people.

Exciting Announcement! As of this month (after two years), we have returned to having our soup kitchens every week. The Lord’s biblical calling on my life, as stated in Isaiah 61:1-3 and James 1:27, is the practical and eternal purposes of reaching the poor and needy that are much higher than what this temporal world offers. Praise Adonai! Please pray for the success of these new adjustments and the Lord Yeshua to shine in the dark like never before. We have put together a new video of these soup kitchens that can be seen on our YouTube channel below or on our website. May you be blessed and encouraged that your prayers and support are fulfilling God's eternal purposes here in the Land of Israel.

PLEASE click here, to give your largest gift towards the ongoing expansion of these soup kitchens. They really are SOUPernaturally life changing and much more.

 CLICK ON NEW VIDEO BELOW, to see the new go and flow moving forward in the soupernatural in the soup kitchen


Soup Kitchens for Holocaust Survivors


In closing, we also want to give glory and praise to the Lord for enabling us to be able to visit several Holocaust survivors in their homes, as well as widows, and on one occasion, we were able to dance with a widow out on the street during a holiday celebration which brought tears of joy and freedom after so many lockdowns.

We thank you and bless you for your continued prayers and support,




Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team


Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager

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