Monday, September 3, 2018

Newsletter August - September 2018

August - September 2018

Shalom, supporters and prayer partners,

We are delighted to say that, as you receive this letter, I am finishing the most amazing, short speaking trip in the USA that I've titled, "The Faith Tour."  Why?  Because there are so many amazing dynamics that have happened to make this ministry trip come to be!  Now, as I write this letter while I'm on my trip, I really realize why I've called it The Faith Tour.

A couple of divine highlights:
Our God is so amazing!  Out of all the people or groups that invited me to come and speak about the work of Abundant Bread of Salvation, the first one was a group of 20-30 widows! How about that?  Read this very carefully!  Just as amazing, the woman that leads this widow's support group of believers is Jewish!  Not only that, her mother is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor.  My friends, what are the chances of this?  Not only this, but both the widow's group and the Holocaust survivor mother were the first ones to financially adopt a Holocaust survivor.  This is very significant!  We still have many survivors that need adopting?Please email us for details on how you or your congregation can do this.  Please, they are depending on you! Click HERE, to Adopt a survivor today!

More significant news from my Faith Tour:
My mother's Jewish family history began in Cleveland, Ohio and the second state I toured was Ohio.  Besides speaking with my mother, I also did research on the history of my meeting with Rabbi Hillel!.  My Jewish roots and found amazing information which led me in the first couple of hours of landing in the Cleveland airport to the Jewish cemetery and tombstone of my mother's Rabbi, Abba Hillel Silver.  He was a great Zionist and helped to establish and sign Israel's Declaration of Independence!  Also, in this same cemetery, was the son of my mother's grandfather.  Thirty minutes later, I was in the home of this great grandfather's son, David, and his wife.  David, began to explain to me that he delivers food to poor people's homes and also, once a week, brings Holocaust survivors to doctor appointments and special meetings.  I almost fell out of my seat, that we had all this in common as we talked about our family history and what I'm doing in Israel.  The love between us as complete strangers was very tangible and we plan on continuing our new family relationship.

The rest of The Faith Tour was filled with many wonderful meetings in Messianic congregations, churches, a conference, and radio interviews, as well as visiting my sick parents in Los Angeles.  Because of your prayers this trip was a success.  Praise The Lord!

Long awaited answer to prayer:
Abundant Bread of Salvation has a blessed and happy announcement!  The Lord has brought alongside ABOS, a wonderfully experienced worker and native Israeli from the ends of the earth - the tropical islands of Hawaii!  Praise Adonai!  She will help us with our existing Kingdom work soup kitchen and food bag distribution to our growing number of over 400 poor and needy, as well as Holocaust survivors.  Not only does she come with a big servant's heart, but also a wealth of professional cooking experience and the ability to teach Biblical Hebrew and the Jewish roots of our faith in the Jewish Messiah.  She also happens to be the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors!  We welcome her, bless her, and ask for your prayers for this new ABOS team member.

As we finish this letter, all Jews worldwide are celebrating the Feast of Trumpets (The Jewish New Year), also called Rosh HaShanah.  We take this time to bless you all, Jew and Gentile in this new year of prayer, financial support, and volunteers carrying the load with us.  Halleluyah!

Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team
Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager
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