Thursday, May 25, 2017

Newsletter May 2017

NOTE: Pictures below are fresh off the press from all below mentioned activities.
May 2017

Shalom and Peace to you, as we CELEBRATE MIRACLES!

My dear friends, I am writing this prayer letter from Germany where the Lord has brought me for a time of refilling and restoration as well as sharing about the work of Abundant Bread of Salvation.  God has blessed me with some wonderful communities of faith that love Israel and the Jewish people as well as the Jewish messiah, Yeshua. Halleluyah!  I even had the opportunity to teach them some Israeli Messianic worship dances. See pictures below.
It is NOT, by chance that I arrive here the day after we celebrated Israel's prophetic rebirth of 69 years.  Happy Birthday, Israel!   Out of the dust, ashes and war to destroy God's Chosen People came a nation that has changed the face of the whole earth! How awesome is that?!
We stand for truth, freedom and God's way, in seeing the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel and all it's citizens.  Amen!  It says in Ecclesiastes 3, "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.  He has made every thing beautiful in His time." May we NEVER forget Holocaust Memorial Day that recently passed.  On Israeli Memorial Day we also honored all of our fallen IDF Soldiers and citizens, from all of Israel's wars including the continuing terrorist attacks.
While I am in Germany, in Israel we received our next 5 tons of 25 different food products that we give away to over 400 people monthly.  CLICK HERE, to give towards this monthly food purchase and distribution.  We thank God for our local team who are dedicated to the call and vision as well as volunteers that come to help worldwide.  Please, would you consider coming to physically help us?
Below are several prayer requests as a flood of extra outreach activities is happening this month each day from the time I arrive back from Germany.  One of the days, we will have a busload of 50 Holocaust survivors on a Biblical trip to the ancient city of Jaffa to hear about it's history then take them to a Messianic hotel in Tel-Aviv where they will be treated to a luxurious meal and watch a film about the biblical history of the Sea of Galilee including the life and miracles of Yeshua (Jesus).  CLICK HERE-to give towards these ongoing Biblical trips for our poor and needy people. Most of them tell us that they have never been to these beautiful ancient sites.
Then, the next day, we will have a Royalty Meal for over 120 Holocaust survivors with a group of believers in a large banquet hall.  This event will consist of a non-stop, 5- course meal as well as a concert by Messianic music artist, Joshua Aaron, and an incredible testimony from a young Ex-Muslim Christian woman sharing about how God changed her heart and life to love Israel and the Jewish people. Again I say, Halleluyah!  CLICK HERE - to give towards the ongoing work of doing Royalty Meals that change the physical and spiritual souls of our people for eternity!
On the following day, we will have another dinner gathering of survivors in a local 5-star hotel in Netanya where Messianic music artist, Ted Pearce, will be playing and on the last day I will bring my car full of survivors to Jerusalem to meet, have a meal and give their testimonies of how they survived the ghetto death camps to a group of Jewish and Gentile believers in Messiah from California.

I am happy to say that in several of these special events we will be dancing with these precious people that God has breathed new life into these dry bones as talked about in Ezekiel 37What many days of rejoicing it will be and the eternal fruit is unimaginable!
Please pray that God will arise and also pray about the biggest financial gift possible you can do to help continue such special events as well as our weekly activities.

With all our love for eternity sake!
Brian Slater
and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team

Brian Slater-CEO / Founder
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