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May 2023


Shalom and peace be unto you in Messiah Yeshua,

We are happy to report to you that this month is out of the ordinary and even out of this world! I love the scripture that proclaims in 1 John 4:4, “You dear children are from God and have overcome them, because the One who is in you is greater than he who is in this world.” This month started in the heavenlies, on a plane with my wife flying to visit the U.S.A. for ministry meetings creating awareness, prayer, and financial support for Abundant Bread of Salvation and having precious family time. My team back in Israel, with several volunteers, continue the practical and spiritual work while we are away. Thank you for your prayers for all of us as we bring the Good News locally in Israel and to the Nations in Yeshua's (Jesus) name.

PLEASE, click here to help donate towards all the costs of this life giving trip that enables us to continue the work of Abundant Bread of Salvation.

Please pray for my elderly mother, Gail, who is lonely and in much pain. Thankfully, we will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day  together. Thanking God for my mom and all you mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day! Of course, thanking our Heavenly Father for giving us salvation in Messiah Yeshua and for His Jewish mother who gave birth to Him in Bethlehem, just around the corner from the very hill (the Mt. of Olives), where He will soon return to rule and reign.

Praise Adonai!

This month (May 25th), we are celebrating a very special Jewish and Biblical Holiday called Shavuot in Hebrew, otherwise known as PentecostWhat an amazing time to declare and share the work of Abundant Bread of Salvation to the nations about the outpouring of His Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh), through our practical humanitarian work and His great love working through us to bring new life! I can’t think of a better Shavuot scripture verse for this season and the work of our hands in Israel and the nations, than Acts 1:8 which says, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Halleluyah and Happy Shavuot (Pentecost)!

Halleluyah!! Will you please pray and ask Yeshua what will be your first fruits gift (donation) , for this special holiday which serves our people in the most practical ways as we let the Ruach HaKodesh fall down in POWER. Click HERE to give now.

Abundant Bread of Salvation testimony:  Recently, we had a very special biblical field trip with twenty Holocaust survivors where we took them to the Sea of Galilee. Many of them raised their hands stating that they have never been there since living in IsraelCan you imagine that?! Together on this trip was a very special donor named Abia-Rose that came to Israel to volunteer with us. She sponsored this costly trip which included a forty-five-minute boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and a seaside meat and fish lunch right on the shore of the Galilee! She also brought with her to Israel enough gold, silver, diamond, and precious stone rings to give to each survivor at a special ceremony in a circle of life. Blessing them in Yeshua’s name, she put these rings on their fingers, literally returning to them what was lost, burned, or stolen from their parents and grandparents during the Holocaust of World War II. These survivors were blessed to tears of joy! When we were on the double decker boat, we were practically the only ones on the Galilee while I played Messianic Music by Joshua Aaron and we got them up and dancing, laughing, and rejoicing. I shared with them from the Bible, the scriptures that speak of the great and mighty miracles that Yeshua (Jesus) performed on and around this breath-taking Sea of Galilee. They were fully attentive as living seeds were being planted, watered for Zions’s sake, and for eternity!  We are very grateful and thankful to you, Abia-Rose, for being obedient to God's leading, doing such sacrificial acts of kindness.

IF, you are interested in giving towards the next Biblical Field Trip,

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 Below are pictures from this delightful and life giving

Biblical Field Trip with Holocaust survivors. Halleluyah!






ABOVE, See pictures from our Gold, Silver and Precious Stone

ring distribution to our Holocaust Survivors!


Would you also prayerfully consider doing such a thing or at least coming to volunteer with us and letting them see your "diamond and gold love and hugs" in the most practical ways? Ask us for a volunteer application. CLICK HERE.

In closing, as I write, Israel continues to be bombed with over one thousand rockets into most of its southern cities. One of our Israeli citizens was killed and many wounded. Thank God for His hands of protection and the "Iron Dome" over us. Please continue to lift Israel in prayer as our enemies arise and the Lion of Judah roars! We thank and appreciate you for all your support in Yeshua’s name.




Blessings from

Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team


Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager

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