Monday, January 28, 2019

Newsletter January 2019

January 2019

To all our Precious friends, old and new,

Let us take this time to wish you a precious Happy New Year 2019, as we continue the magnificent work that God has called us to in saving and serving our Jewish People here in this God given Land, Eretz Israel (The Land of Israel).  Being the first month of the year, for us there is much to be grateful and thankful for in all that was done in the past year in the precious name of our Living Savior!  Friends, lives were changed and provided for now and for eternity.  Halleluyah!  Looking to the fast-paced days ahead of us, we reflect and meditate on the scripture in Revelation 21:5, which says, "He who was seated on the throne said, I am making everything new! Then He said, write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true."  We know that some of you reading this are thinking, "When is God going to use me?"  Well, let me encourage you by saying that just the fact that you are reading this, you are being His hands and feet by doing your part in letting Him who sits on the throne use you to bless Israel by praying for us, volunteering with us and supporting the work of Abundant Bread of Salvation. Maybe, you are supposed to start this year supporting a Holocaust Survivor this month through our Adopt-A-Survivor Program?  Please ask us how, or see our website for all the information at:

Although, we continue this year with our weekly food bag program with over 400 families and soup kitchen with freshly made five course meals, we sense the Lord wants to expand and maybe even double the size of our facilities.  This, of course, would be for the sole purpose of reaching more souls for His namesake!  Please pray as to what part He may have you play in this expansion?  Click here, if you are led to give now.

We proclaim this promise from His word over you and your family: Psalm 65:11, "You crown the year with your bounty and your carts overflow with abundance."  Amen!

Recently, we received over $12,000 worth of mostly new shoes, boots and footwear. Days later, we received a phone call from the leadership of the local orthodox orphanage we often help with a plea, almost begging for us to help the over 80 orphaned girls.  She told me that the orphan girls are "Raising their emergency desperate voices for their great need for shoes and rain boots."  So, we are dedicating the first fruits of these shoes to go towards this orphanage institution, however, we will also need your help for the certain styles and sizes that we don't have. Please remember these orphans in your prayers.  Click here: To give towards orphan shoes.

I am happy to announce that, by the time you receive and read this newsletter, I will be days away from my 50th Jubilee Year Birthday Celebration.  My dear friends, this only happens once in a lifetime and I am forever grateful that the Lord has carried me and used me in all the ways He has, "for such a time as this!"  Please pray for continued strength, health, blessing and vision to carry the torch into the next 50 years of service unto Israel, our Jewish People, and shining the light of the Greatest Ancient of Days who ever lived!
Also, as you read this, I will be in the U.S.A. on a ministry trip to North Carolina and California, speaking and sharing the Good News of what the Lord Yeshua is doing through the work of Abundant Bread of Salvation to several congregations as well as conferences.  Please pray that the Ruach Ha Kodesh (The Holy Spirit), speak through me to all those who have ears to hear and that a mighty wave of support will arise from those who proclaim His Name and stand with Israel!  Am Israel Chai!  The People of Israel live!
Thank you again for all your prayers, support and volunteerism during this exciting year of bounty ahead of us.

Brian Slater and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team
Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager
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