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Newsletter September 2021

Shalom Dear Precious Ones in Yeshua,

During this season in Israel, we say to each other, "Moadiim L’Simcha," which means "these are times of rejoicing." This rejoicing has been very clouded because of Israel’s Covid mandates and severe restrictions to its citizens. Please pray that God’s light shine through all this darkness.

The 6th of this month is the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh HaShana). Oh, how we would all rejoice in hearing the shofar sound and seeing our Messiah Yeshua return in the blink of an eye! It says in 1 Thessalonians 4:16, “With the voice of an archangel and with the sound of the trumpet of God." Halleluyah! On the 15th of September is Yom Kippur also known as The Day of AtonementWe thank God for Yeshua and His atonement for our sin. Halleluyah!


The 20th of September is the Feast of Tabernacles-(Sukkot). We rejoice in knowing that Yeshua (Jesus) tabernacles with us and pray He opens the eyes of the Jewish people we serve for His eternal glory. Can I get a firm AMEN?!



Israel now has the world’s highest Covid-19 reported cases in the world after being the highest vaccinated nation in the world. This, sadly, has brought much speculation, hopelessness and division to Israel’s citizens. We at Abundant Bread of Salvation serve a Mighty God, so we know that Yeshua has called us to be His ray of hope, especially when things are getting darker and darker. His light always shines brighter in the darkness. Amen! Please pray for Israel and our precious kingdom work for His glory and eternal value. My wife and I are currently traveling in the U.S.A. having ministry meetings as well as visiting family. Please pray for our health, safe travels and many divine appointments during our journey. Also, please pray for our front-line team back home in Israel as they continue the practical work for Yeshua. They are His hands and feet, boots on the ground, while we are boots on the ground from afar, sharing the Good News about the work of Abundant Bread of Salvation. We love that we are a team working towards a common goal and YOU are part of this team!

As part of this team, will you please click HERE, to give your largest sacrificial Biblical Feast First Fruits Gift. Todah-Thank you.

Some exciting news to pray into and if you're led by His spirit to support, then by all means, please give into this eternal project. Many of you have heard of the Messianic musician, Joshua Aaron. Abundant Bread of Salvation is very good friends with him and his ministry to bring Jewish praise and salvation to the earth. Joshua Aaron features our ministry and the 35 Holocaust survivors on his Live at the Tower of David recording in Jerusalem. Please look it up on You Tube or click on play but on picture below. The song we are featured in is called "Bring us Back."


BRING US BACK (Joshua Aaron) // LIVE at the TOWER of DAVID, Jerusalem // David's Citadel


We are happy to announce and greatly need your support to bring another bus load of Holocaust survivors to yet another live recording in Jerusalem.  This time it will be at the original site called Golgotha-The Empty Garden Tomb. Matthew 27:33, says “They came to a place called Golgotha (which means the place of the skull)." This site, my friends, is the most authentic site of where Yeshua (Jesus), was buried, resurrected and ascended into the heavenlies. What a day of rejoicing and ministry this will be to again breathe new life into these dry bones, our precious Holocaust survivors. Please, we need your prayers and financial support now more than ever before it’s too late. 

PLEASE, click HERE to give into this Resurrection Project, breathing His new life into their dry bones. What better way to see His glory than through His resurrection power. Amen!

This very well could be one of their last Messianic concerts and (testimony of the resurrection power of Yeshua), as they are getting extremely old and ill. To travel to Jerusalem is now hugely challenging, even by bus, as many of them are passing, sick, or don’t have the physical strength like in previous activities. Pray, pray, pray! Wishing you all wonderful prophetic Biblical holidays in Yeshua.

Thank you very much for your continued prayers and sacrificial support for this relevant Kingdom work!




Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team


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