Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Newsletter December 2020

December 2020

Special End of the Year Report

Precious friend of Abundant Bread of Salvation,


First, we want to give our Israeli blessings and wish you a "Happy Holiday" during this Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) that Yeshua celebrated in Jerusalem.


John 10:22-23 says, "Then came Hanukkah in Yerushalayim. It was winter and Yeshua was walking around inside the Temple area, in Shlomo's Colonnade."


As we end this year, we are very excited to share with you the practical blessings and salvations of our Jewish people. My friends, considering the challenging year of Covid-19, it is a clear sign that the hand of the Lord is upon what He has called us to do. Halleluyah! 

It makes ALL the challenges worthwhile! For this, we praise Adonai and we thank YOU, for all your prayers and financial support!

A generous donor has offered a Year-End Matching grant of $20,500!

This will DOUBLE your year-end tax-deductible gift-up to the $20,500 match amount. What a wonderful opportunity to give your most generous, tax-deductible donation towards this expanding work and propel us forward into 2021 abundantly for His Kingdom! Just think, your gift will go twice as far if given by December 31!

Please rejoice with our team by reading the below real examples that explain just the tip of the iceberg of what was physically and spiritually done this past year through your generous support, prayers and the love of God. Halleluyah! Glory to God!


2020 Highlights:


For His Name's sake, thousands of our Jewish people were tangibly blessed and prayed for at their own request with many giving their hearts and lives to their Lord, King and Messiah for eternity! Praise Adonai!



For His Name's sake, we gave away over 6000 packed bags of food (roughly 70 tons) at our headquarters distribution center in Netanya. Each bag was filled with over 25 products serving at least over 400 families, monthly.



For His Name's sake, at our soup kitchen, each needy person received a home-cooked, sit-down, five-course meal also in our open private garden! At least 3800 hot meals were served and, many times, take-home meals to help them through the week, even during Covid challenges.




For His Name's sake, we also gave away over 30 tons of new and used clothes and blankets as well as much needed furniture.



For His Name's sake, on several occasions, we visited two local orphanages doing prayer walks with believers. We also provided finances in-hand, sets of new blankets, shoes, school supplies, toys and clothes on many occasions to over 100 very needy orphans. On several occasions, the leaders of this Orthodox orphanage came to our headquarters to give us letters of appreciation.



For His Name's sake, we had several gatherings of believers to conduct "Royalty Meals" with Holocaust survivors, giving them an elegant meal in a restaurant or banquet hall, along with concerts, dancing and sharing the eternal message of hope. Lives changed forever!




For His Name's sake, our Adopt-A-Holocaust Survivor Program, having almost 50 survivors financially adopted by believers! Nachum, the leader of these Survivors pleads with me to ask our supporters to please help financially adopt another 50 survivors that have signed up but have not yet been adopted. Every soul is precious! Their time is short! The set time is now before it is too late, and they are all gone.

Adopt A Holocaust Survivor Today! Click HERE and find out how




For His Name sake, we WILL see many more lives saved in 2021 from the grasp of the enemy through the tireless work of Abundant Bread of Salvation.



P.S. Your prayers and continued financial partnership are a key to the miracles of healing and salvation for Israel. Please do not wait. Give generously now to take advantage of the match — or no later than Thursday, December 31. And when you give by December 31, your gift will be tax deductible for 2020.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Newsletter November 2020

November 2020

Shalom, faithful one in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), 

We pray this letter finds you blessed and healthy. Wow, what an amazing month it has been! We, here in Israel are at the biblical epicenter of all that happens in the world. This month, on November 3rd, the U.S.A had its election day. We continue to pray His Kingdom come, His will be done. With all the uncertainty, rumors, and actual slander in these elections, one thing we excitingly know for sure is that God is on the throne and we are His elect. Ephesians 1:4 says, "In the Messiah he chose us in love before the creation of the universe." Also, in Matthew 22:14, "For many are called, but few are chosen." At Abundant Bread of Salvation, not only are we pro-life, but we believe all lives matter and most importantly, eternal life matters. Amen!

Speaking of lives that matter, we recently read an Israeli news report that said, "Because of the Coronavirus, the number of isolated elderlies, which includes Holocaust survivors, have been found dying without anyone knowing." It continues on saying that there has been a 33% increase of deaths being undetected for days and even weeks because of the lockdowns in Israel. Dear friends, our hearts are crushed when we read and hear of such things. Please pray for us as we reach far and wide to visit and minister to hundreds each month, the eternal hope and love of the Messiah Yeshua to this forgotten generation.

These are pictures of the type of those who are found dead and undetected, please help!

As we see time flying right before our eyes, we are nearing the end of this challenging year. We are excited to announce, that Abundant Bread of Salvation has a beautiful, 16-month Biblical Art and Scripture wall calendar from the Galilee. We are adding an exciting feature to this that the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) put on my heart, which is that we will have the local leader of the Holocaust survivors (who has accepted Yeshua as his Messiah), personally hand-write a "thank you" with his signature on your calendar. Because we are sending this calendar to you directly from Israel, we are asking for a donation of $45 dollars or more, which will support our ongoing work with the Holocaust survivors, our Adopt-A-Survivor Program, and over 400 poor and needy that we serve on a monthly basis.  What a great opportunity to have this calendar as a legacy, a personal reminder of your support and prayer for these precious Jewish people! IMPORTANT: Supply is limited and, to receive this legacy calendar, you must place a note with your gift of $45 dollars or more saying, "Please send the calendar." 

We thank you ahead of time for your precious support.  Click HERE, to give and receive your personally signed calendar, by one of the leaders of the Holocaust survivors in Israel. 

     Beautiful, 16-month Biblical Art and Scripture wall calendar from the Galilee. 

Exciting News: Abundant Bread of Salvation, for the fifth year in a row, has again been given an official certificate by the State of Israel that acknowledges that we, as a non-profit organization, are in good standing of keeping all our financial records in order as well as all the many strict requirements of the Israeli Government. Dear ones, we do not take this lightly. Official approvals like this do not come easy here in Israel, especially as Messianic Jewish Believers in the God of Israel, Yeshua. We simply could not do this without your prayers and support.  This means that you can feel safe and secure of where your donations are going. 

Please feel free to give your end of the year U.S. Tax Deductible Charitable Donation, in celebration of this most significant achievement.  Glory to God!!

Abundant Bread of Salvation: STAMP OF APPROVAL, by the State of Israel

BIG prayer request: I have officially purchased my plane ticket to the U.S.A. for planned speaking engagements for Abundant Bread of Salvation. I will be leaving Israel late December until February 2021. I will be in the UK for several days and then onward to the U.S. If there is anyone who would like to invite me to come and speak about this eternal work we do with the poor and needy and Holocaust survivors, please contact me by email or the phone number below. Please pray for all the dynamics of this trip as Coronavirus restrictions create extra challenges.  IF, you would like to donate to support this ordained trip on wings of eagles, please click HERE.

Brian, speaking at a location near you

Ending with this encouraging scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:11, "Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing."

We are eternally grateful for your comfort and support.

Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team

Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager

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