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Thank you for your interest in Volunteering with Abundant Bread of Salvation in Israel.   We are a non-profit, humanitarian aid organization that serves widows; orphans; Holocaust Survivors; Russians; Ethiopians; Arabs; and other poor and needy Jewish people in the land. 

Abundant Bread of Salvation is led by Brian Slater who has a small team of volunteers who assist him—some volunteers live in Israel while others live outside Israel.  While A.B.O.S may be small in size; BIG things are happening and with it the ability to feed; clothe; comfort; assist; and pray for those we serve....more than 400 people each month.  This wonderful work cannot be done without the help of volunteers (like you) who would like to come for a day; a couple of weeks; or longer.

Because A.B.O.S. spends all of its charitable contributions on serving the people of Israel; the volunteers who have gone through the application process and are chosen to come and serve with us; will need to be able to: 1) provide their own transportation to and from ministry sites; 2) have the ability to pay for their own food each day; 3) be prepared to pay for lodging; 4) plan and pay for any sightseeing or travel they hope to do; and 5) plan and prepare for staying in Israel on their own or with their group; 6) receive the standard "tourist visa" (which typically is good for 3 months...as you are technically coming as a tourist.) We do not yet have the ability to provide volunteer visa's; or work permits for those wanting to come to Israel.

Public transportation and rental cars are readily available and easy to use; there are many restaurants and street food vendors that offer excellent, fresh food that is reasonably priced; grocery stores with fresh foods; and lodging is easy to find at a reasonable cost--we can recommend some nearby places of lodging and/or some online travel sites to help you with planning.

Coming to serve the people of Israel is a big commitment on your part and we understand it will take considerable prayer and thought before making this decision.  Our desire for you is that you will come with no preconceived ideas; a big heart to love all people; and the mindset of Yeshua-Jesus shinning the light of the King in the land. If after reading this introduction; you are able to fulfill and commit to these initial practical, financial, and spiritual considerations; we would love to send you an application.  Please reply to Volunteer@AbundantBread.com

Bless you and we hope to hear from you soon!

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