Donations - Soup Kitchen and Other Projects

Thank you for supporting the ongoing work of Abundant Bread of Salvation. Every week in Netanya we have our Soup Kitchen and Clothing Distribution Center. We are also giving out food bags to over 400 families every month. We also do outreaches/events for Holocaust Survivors, Handicap Veterans, Widows and Orphans, give food coupons as well as medical / optical / dental assistance to the poor and needy in Israel.

Questions: please contact Blessing Israeli Believers at: (213)265-9796

When sending checks to Texas address, Please write ALL checks out to Blessing Israeli Believers and make a NOTE: specifically designating the check to ABOS-Brian Slater in Israel

1) By mail. Please send checks payable to "Blessing Israeli Believers",
P.O. Box 2625, Pearland, TX 77588
Please be sure to note "ABOS-Brian Slater in Israel"


2) On-line gifts via PayPal or E-Giving at: 
Please be sure to note "ABOS-Brian Slater in Israel"
in the memo/note or purpose section, when giving on-line.

For those wanting to send donations directly to Israel
and do not need  a U.S. tax receipt,
for wire/bank transfer instructions
or ISRAEL address to send physical checks,
written out to Abundant Bread of Salvation.

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  1. PLEASE, pay close attention, IF, checks are written and sent to U.S.A to Blessings Israeli Believers, PLEASE write check to Blessings Israeli Believers,
    You are sending a check directly to us in Israel, PLEASE, write check out to Abundant Bread of Salvation and send to the below address:
    Abundant Bread of Salvation
    P.O. Box 548
    Netanya, 4210401