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Newsletter November 2023

November 2023

Greeting and Prayers for peace in Israel to you dear friend,

As we write this letter it is with unbearable grief and pain like the pain of a woman giving birth, because of the war with Hamas that has transpired for over two weeks. As a matter of fact, as I write, our IDF- Israel Defense Forces planes are flying in front of the window of our home, racing to take out more terrorist targets where rockets come flying to kill and maim our Israeli citizen cities and innocent populations. I know you have read and heard plenty of news and numbers, so I won’t bore you with that. What I will share with you is how we, as a ministry, have been responding to these challenging times. Our ministry is actually and literally called, "For Such a Time as This." (Esther 4:14)

When we first opened our ministry office doors to the public, it was in preparation for war. That was over 15 years ago. We even still have boxes with big signs on them saying, “War Preparation Materials and Supplies.” Well, we have now opened them up and dusted everything off or replaced what needed to be replaced, because the time is now, and the set time has come to comfort, comfort our people, says the Lord. (Isaiah 40:1) Abundant Bread of Salvation is in EMERGENCY MODE, like never before. CLICK HERE please, to give your emergency mode donation

These are soldiers receiving Humanitarian -Aid

Soldiers organising the Humanitarian Aid

A huge part of the humanitarian work we do is with Holocaust survivors, and, as you know they have already gone through the worst of wars and massacres. Now, this current war with Hamas has been quoted as “in comparison, much greater than WWII”, right here in our Jewish homeland! I have a couple of amazing testimonies from our Holocaust survivors who survived WWII, one of them named Genya, who told me her feelings about what’s currently happening. “I have all kinds of horrible thoughts flooding through my mind from the Holocaust and now this horrible war with Hamas right here in the Jewish State of Israel.” Genya (almost 90 years old), tells me she, "walks and exercises every day on the boardwalk next to the Mediterranean Sea to take out her stress, together with her partner. We are determined and strong and we will have the victory; the Jews are here to stay. Because of your practical help, care, and prayers, Abundant Bread of Salvation is even stronger, Genya says. She also said, "Please tell all your supporters 'thank you' and to please continue to pray for us here.” PLEASE CLICK HERE, to give towards these precious Survivors.

Please do not forget our Survivors

This is Genya (Holocaust Survivor) speaking for us and thanking us

ABOVE: Pictures from Soup Kitchen at the Elderly Pensioner Holocaust Survivor Club.

ABOVE: Professional Ballet Dancer bringing comfort to our precious Survivors three days into the war with Hamas.

Here is another testimony from one of our weekly soup kitchens that continue as normal even four days into the war... When we arrived at this kitchen, some of the Holocaust survivors had collected 5000 shekels (almost $1400 U.S. dollars), to be given to the front-line soldiers to purchase much needed supplies they need for the battle. I was blown away as I saw this written on the envelope and given to the soldier representative that came to receive the money envelope just before we started the soup kitchen. At this soup kitchen, we invited a precious friend and worship leader as well as a professional ballet dancer to bring comfort and the Good News of Messiah Yeshua. The survivors were absolutely glowing with comfort and joy appreciating so much that we were doing this for them. They even had moments of getting up to dance! Imagine that, while a war is raging around us, Holocaust survivors are dancing and celebrating life!

Since the beginning of this war situation, we are sending essential emergency aid to the soldiers surrounding Gaza as well as the northern boarders with Lebanon and Israel. There are whole Jewish towns and villages that have been temporarily evacuated to the center of Israel and Netanya was the largest city of evacuated people. Imagine, many of our Jewish people are now refugees in their Jewish homeland. We also want to reach these that have nothing. Our initial need is to raise $20,000 dollars to give EMERGENCY food and water aid as well as much needed essentials and equipment. Please click HERE to support this initial need.Please take a stand with us and support Israel through Abundant Bread of Salvation. The work is tireless and endless until Yeshua’s soon return. May many come to know and receive Him, through the work of our hands on the front line and your prayers and financial supportYou are also soldiers with us in this battle for Zions’s sake and Yeshua’s great love.

Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team

Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager

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