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Newsletter April 2023


April 2023


Shalom and Praise Unto The Lamb of God,

Precious friend, I’m so excited as to what the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) has done and is still doing this month as I write this report. Psalm 107:1 says as a proclamation, “Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!” Amen!

It’s been Passover season (Feast of Unleavened Bread) and an amazing Resurrection (First Fruits) celebration month at Abundant Bread of Salvation. Let me tell you! One of our very valued and gifted donors and volunteers has come to Israel to volunteerCarla is a living Bible story teller that brings the Bible to life.  She served with us up until Covid-19 started and now she is back again. This time, she brought with her a box of Messianic Passover Haggadah books, which tell the story of God’s deliverance of His people from Egypt to the Promised Land. Her version was translated into Russian and had a focus on the Messiah Yeshua as our Great Deliverer. She arrived just in time for us to give these booklets out for free to each of the Holocaust survivors and poor and needy that came to the soup kitchen. I also gave a bunch of these books out at the Ebenezer Messianic Elderly Home in Haifa. That same week, Carla, during the soup kitchen, did the Bible story of Passover, dressing me up as Moses and one of the survivors dressed up as Pharaoh. We proclaimed that eternal freedom only comes by the blood of the Lamb in Yeshua. They were eternally blessed, and many more seeds were planted for His Kingdom glory!

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Another Holocaust Survivor comes to faith in Yeshua after more than fifteen years of labor on the front line. Moshe, one of the main leaders of the Holocaust survivor organization that we work with is now our eternal brother in the Lord! This happened after a home visit to him and his wife, who shared with us that this was the worst day of her life. Her husband’s health was deteriorating in a way that was extremely affecting her emotionally. I ended up taking him for a walk in his wheelchair to view the Mediterranean Sea and give her a break to have some lady time to process her emotions with my wife. On my way back from the beach, the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) came upon me to speak to Moshe about salvation and hope in Yeshua, where many of his friends have accepted Him and passed on into glory. Amazingly, he was extremely open and, with joy, prayed with his hand on his heart with me right there on the sidewalk to receive His Messiah Yeshua as Lord and Savior after so many years of hearing the Good NewsPraise Adonai! Also, because of your prayers we are seeing more hunger and thirst after supernatural things that are not of this world.

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Above are pictures of this amazing time with Moshe and his precious wife Manya.

PLEASE be praying for this new brother in Yeshua and his wife

to come to know this same eternal salvation. AMEN!

As this amazing month wraps up (although we do this every day at Abundant Bread of Salvation), April 18th is Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Ha Shoah). We will have a special gathering in our ministry home with four Holocaust survivors sharing their miracle stories of how they survived their horrifying lives in the concentration camps. We will invite local Messianic Jewish believers as well as Christians from the nations to be part of this Memorial Day. A worldwide professional violinist (who is also a believer), offered to come and play special memorial songs over each of the survivors. Halleluyah! On April 24th, Israel will have its yearly Israel Memorial Day, mourning and honoring all those who have lost their lives in Israel’s wars and battles and terror attacks. So many have happened these last couple of months. Your prayers for the grieving please.  May 25th, when the sun sets, Israel instantly switch’s its focus to its 75 years for Israel Independence Day. We, our Jewish People, our Nation, and us local believers in Yeshua are absolute prophetical miracles. Now that is something to rejoice over, pray over, and continue giving your support that we may see more come into His Kingdom! "For Zion's sake do not keep silent, until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth." Isaiah 62:1

Below are pictures from our amazing and special gathering of Holocaust survivors (sharing their stories) and local Believers in Yeshua.






Eternal thanks from Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team


Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager

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