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Newsletter February 2023


February 2023


Shalom Precious One in Yeshua (Jesus),

I open this prayer letter with a huge blessing coming down like a storm. May the Lord Yeshua pour out His Spirit on you and your family like never before. We need more of Him and less of us in these dark times. In the book of Hebrews 12:26, it says, “At that time His voice shook the earth, but now He has promised, yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.” We have clearly seen and heard in the news about the horrendous earthquake in Turkey and Syria taking over forty six thousand lives and injuring hundreds of thousands, many losing everything. God have mercy! Israel was the first country to send a search and rescue team to help save lives under the rubble, even to a country that hates Israel and calls for her annihilation. There is no way for me to say how proud I am to be living in this nation that saves and preserves even the lives of those who want to destroy us. Give thanks with a grateful heart! Israel and Romania also had earthquakes this month. It is known that Israel is on a major fault line, so for us to ask you to send donations now will only increase the practical and spiritual blessing we will be when we do have a major earthquake here. Click HERE to give now

Speaking of preserving lives, there is a very well known scripture in the Hebrew language from Job 1:21, which says, He said, naked I came from my mother’s womb and naked I will return there. Adonai gave, Adonai took, may the name of Adonai be blessed. This month was my birthday from way back, fifty-four years ago. I decided to celebrate with friends a couple of weeks early because I wanted to see the live performance play of Fiddler on the Roof, in Hebrew. It was such a wonderful celebration of life; L’Chaim indeed, however, little did I know that a few days later my earthy father would pass on suddenly into glory to be with Yeshua. The Lord gives and the Lord takes and may my abba Frank's memory be forever a blessing. Praise Adonai, roughly six years ago I prayed with him to receive Yeshua as his Messiah and Savior! We WILL meet again, Abba! Please pray for me and my family as I will most likely be in Los Angeles for his funeral when you receive this prayer letter. In place of any birthday cards for me or flowers for my father, please give a donation here in his memory and for my birthday. It will all go to the ministry which is saving lives for eternity.

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Messianic Dance and Worship Tour in Israel

Another exciting event happened this month with a tour group of 50 Believers from the nations, led by Ralph and Mindy Seta of Messianic Dance Camps International. They invited my wife and I to come and speak to their group about Abundant Bread of Salvation and join them for several days of touring which included Messianic Davidic Dance, praising Yeshua throughout the City of Gold, JerusalemIt was glorious and refreshing proclaiming healing and breaking down strong holds in this land!

Thank you Ralph and Mindy for this precious gift.

See precious pictures below of our time together through out Jerusalem. bringing His presence in dance worship and praise.




Valentine’s Day-God’s Heart and Salvation

for our Holocaust Survivors


Glory to God in the highest! On Valentine’s Day, we had a very valuable soup kitchen serving a five-star meal to over twenty-five widows and Holocaust survivors. This included lively music and dancing for joy celebrating the gift of life that I continuously promote each week before I pray for our scrumptious meal in Yeshua’s name. During the soup kitchen, I received an SOS message on my phone that one of our Holocaust survivors was in the hospital in a bad state. I couldn’t help but pray immediately, however I was really prompted to visit her as it often could be the last time. This was not only God’s divine leading, but it ended up being a time of new birth in the Spirit, when she said to me, “I want to be with God and reunited with my husband, Nachum, who accepted the Lord in 2017.” Heaven came down and she prayed with me to receive her Messiah Yeshua once and for all. Halleluyah! Please rejoice with us as we have a new Holocaust survivor sister in the Kingdom for eternity! What better love story can we proclaim than that! Would you consider a large additional one time gift or increasing your monthly giving, so we can see and report even more fruit and salvations this year. PLEASE PRAY and give HERE what the Spirit tells you to give. It's a win win decision.

In closing, in Matthew 24:44, is says, “Therefore, you must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Please continue your prayers and faithful giving, that we will see more of these divine salvations in 2023.




Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team


Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager

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