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Newsletter August 2017

August 2017

Dear Friend and follower of our precious Messiah Yeshua,

As you receive this letter, we are on the tail end of a very long and hot summer break, however Abundant Bread continues full throttle in serving our Jewish people.
Now, all the children return to school.  Speaking of children, Abundant Bread of Salvation was able to recently visit one of our local girls orphanages we regularly assist, where 80-100 needy girls reside.  We did not come empty handed, as we blessed them with boxes of school supplies for the new school year.  Matthew 21:16-"From the lips of children and infants you Lord, have called forth your praise?"
I am happy to say that much progress has been made regarding my U.S. speaking tour in September/October, together, with the leader of the Holocaust Survivors of Netanya.  We finally received his visa, which we applied for, so he will be able to leave the country. Halleluyah!  We are however, still short on the finances needed to cover all of his travel costs. Will you please take a step of faith with your financial support, so there will be no lack for him or pressure for Abundant Bread of Salvation?  He actually told me today at the soup kitchen, "this would probably be his only opportunity to visit America, because of his old age and health."  There are many more details to be worked out for this trip.  Friends, you know what to do!  Travel Expenses-Please CLICK HERE, to give your largest gift towards Holocaust survivor travel expenses.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS: Speaking of Holocaust Survivors, Abundant Bread of Salvation has just finished a joint project, of a beautiful 16 month Hebraic Heritage Calendar, called "Beauty for Ashes-Holocaust Survivors Who Came Home to the Promised Land". My friends, you do not want to miss this opportunity to have this ministry calendar on your wall or to give to someone that loves Israel. In this calendar, there are five of our local Holocaust survivors featured, with their personal testimonies.
For your gift of $40 or more, we will personally send you this one of a kind calendar.  Please make a note with your gift requesting this calendar.  We, as well as the Survivors eternally appreciate and thank you for your support!
More Exciting News!
Royal Ballet Dance Troupe, "for such a time as this!"
This month we organized four individual outreaches, with a professional ballet dance group called, Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre, which consisted of seven beautiful young adults that love the Jewish Messiah, Israel and the Jewish People.  The events consisted of Holocaust Survivors, Belorussian Jews, and Jewish Pensioners group with single mothers and widows. One of the events was held in Netanya's largest Cultural Center with 135 Survivors and War Veterans.  This kept all of us on our "spiritual toes", and was a huge testimony to the great love of our God! Praise Adonai!  See beautiful pictures below!
Outreaches with,  Dramatic  Truth  Ballet  Theatre
CLICK HERE to view their video clips on the Abundant Bread of Salvation Facebook Page,

A great light of support and partnership has risen in Germany,
Amazing New Read, by
  Hildegard Schneider
ABOS-Brochure in German
for Abundant Bread of Salvation!  We extremely appreciate the friendship that has developed with an organization called, World Wide Wings in Germany.  Director, Author, Publisher and Teacher, Hildegard Schneider, has proven herself by standing with us in many ways. Besides the many other Spiritually inspiring books on the Hebrew roots, she also recently wrote a book called, The Matrix of The Messiah.   We thank God for her and her wonderful organization for standing with us in word and in deeds.   May we also say a special Todah-Thank you, World Wide Wings, for the first time translating our brochure into German.   Halleluyah!

We are so grateful to our God for His provision, protection and for working through you, our dear supporters.  We thank you and bless you abundantly.  He is a good good Father, amen!

Brian Slater
and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team

Brian Slater-CEO / Founder
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