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Newsletter December 2023

Making a Difference in Israel

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Year End Report and Salvation Testimony - December 2023

You are a miracle created by Adonai (Yeshua) Jesus,


We are living in times of absolute prophetical miracles! Although, here in Israel, we are currently going through the most horrible war for over two months, we are happy to say that with God’s help and an army working together with the Israeli public, we are winning this battle. Halleluyah! We see through the eyes of Yeshua that this is not just a physical war, but an all-out spiritual war to annihilate the Jewish people. By doing so, the enemy believes he would prevent the plans and purposes of God by having the Jewish people welcoming our Messiah Yeshua home to redeem His people as referenced in Luke 13:35Praise Adonai, we know who the Victor of this battle is!


Speaking of victories, being this is the last prayer letter of 2023, we have a Hannukah miracle testimony to share with you. This month, the most unexpected situation happened. A young Ukrainian woman came to our food distribution center while we were packing and distributing our weekly food bags and she said someone asked her to come and help us. I asked my team and none of our team had invited her, as she was one of our regular new immigrant food bag recipients. A long story short, we didn’t realize it, but God made it so clear to us after the fact that He was the one who sent her to us. We had plenty of volunteers that day, however, I allowed her to come in and help. She began to openly share her challenges of her husband being kept back forcefully in Ukraine to fight the war there and now she is here alone with her twin teenage girls with another war. I shared the hope of glory that we have in Yeshua and this young lady, who is also a doctor, joyfully accepted her Messiah as Lord and Savior!  Another Hannukah miracle indeed! This is a battle that has been won for Yeshua’s glory, because of your prayers and supportCLICK Here: Please continue this support into 2024. We know that many more will come into His Eternal Kingdom!

New Life New Fruit New Hope

Don't Miss this one end of the year video, and see how she glows after receiving Yeshua as her Messiah

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Video Above: Click on above Video and turn

up your speakers and Rejoice with the Angels!

She IS Rejoicing in Her Salvation. Halleluyah!!

PICTURE ABOVE: She freely received her first Complete Jewish Bible in the Russian Language! Halleluyah, NEW LIFE IN MESSIAH!

She was so excited and thankful!

CLICK HERE: Take advantage of your year-end giving by dating your check or donation not later than December 31st 2023, even if sent in by January 15th. Enjoy reading below, more encouraging testimonies that have happened this whole year because of your support.


2023 Kingdom Highlights:

For His Kingdom purposes, thousands of our Jewish people were tangibly blessed and prayed for at their own request with many giving their hearts and lives to their Lord, King, and Messiah for eternity, including a young doctor from Ukraine this month, Halleluyah!

For His Kingdom purposes, we gave away over 8000 packed bags of food (roughly 80 tons), at our headquarters distribution center in Netanya and brought food items to the IDF because of the war. Each bag was filled with over 25 products serving at least over 400 families monthly.

For His Kingdom purposes, at our soup kitchen, each needy person received a home-cooked, sit-            down, five-course meal in our renewed soup kitchen atmosphere.  At least 5000 hot meals were served and, many times, take-home meals, to help them through the week.

For His Kingdom purposes, we also gave away over 40 tons of new and used clothes and blankets as well as much needed furniture.

For His Kingdom purposes, on several occasions, we visited two local orphanages. We also provided finances in-hand, sets of new blankets, shoes, school supplies, toys, and clothes to hundreds of very needy orphans. On several occasions, the leaders of this Orthodox orphanage came to our headquarters to give us letters of appreciation.

For His Kingdom purposes, our Adopt-A-Holocaust Survivor Program has almost 50 survivors who are financially adopted by believers! The leaders asked us again to ask our supporters, to prayerfully consider helping with the remaining 50 survivors. They have signed up but have not yet been financially adopted. Every soul is precious, and their time is SHORT! The set time is now before it is too late, and they are all gone.

For His Kingdom purposeswe WILL see many more lives saved in 2024 from the grasp of the enemy, through the practical Kingdom work of Abundant Bread of Salvation.

In this season of Hannukah miracles, please pray and give your greatest to provide for more abundant miracles. Together, we soar like eagles with His love into 2024!

Happy New Year, in His eternal hope!

Brian and the Abundant Bread of Salvation Team

Brian Slater-CEO / Projects Manager

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